User's Guide to the
KRSF Christian Resource Center

KRSF is no longer just the flagship station of an international Christian radio network, Radio 74 Internationale. Now that people spend as much time, or more, on their phones than they do listening to the radio, the KRSF.NET homepage has become a phone-friendly multimedia Christian center which gives you easy access not merely to the live stream of Radio 74 Internationale audio, but easy access to other Christian resources as well.

Top Row

The top row of three buttons gives you easy access to the Radio 74 Internationale live stream, this Userís Guide, The Word With Us program archives, and the program schedule.

Simply tap or click on the radio tower icon, and you will be able to listen to Radio 74 Internationale on your phone or computer, even if you are not in range of one of the many Radio 74 Internationale affiliated stations. Use the Program Schedule button to find out when your favorite programs are playing (United States Eastern Time).

The Word With Us was a locally produced radio program which featured laymen who wanted to share their faith in word and music. It ran eight times per week for ten years. It is no longer on the air, but you can tap or click the Program Archives button to get access to the transcripts and audio clips of nearly 100 episodes of The Word With Us.


The Christian Guide series of five phone-friendly books is a personal reflection on the New Testament in the context of the Old Testament. Tapping on this button will take you to a library page from which you can read the books on your phone or web browser. You donít need Kindle, or any other app, to read them. You donít need to pay, register, or give any personal information to read them.

The intended order is

  1. A Christian Guide to Luke
  2. A Christian Guide to Acts
  3. A Christian Guide to Paul
  4. A Christian Guide to Peter, James & Jude
  5. A Christian Guide to John (Gospel, Letters, and Revelation)

but you can read them in any order. The entire New Testament is covered in these five books. There are not separate guides to Matthew and Mark because nearly every verse in those two gospels is also in Luke. The parables in Matthew and Mark that are not in the Gospel of Luke are discussed in an appendix to A Christian Guide to Luke. Other verses unique to Matthew and Mark are sprinkled throughout the main body of A Christian Guide to Luke.

Luke wrote his Gospel and Acts as a private letter to his Gentile friend, Theophilus. Combined, they are essentially Lukeís beginnerís guide to Christianity. Paul wrote his letters to the early church to help them unify around basic Christian doctrines. Peter, James, and Jude wrote words of warning which are especially relevant to us, today. Johnís Gospel was written last, and consists mostly of things about the life of Jesus which were left out of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. A Christian Guide to John also covers Johnís three letters, and the Revelation he received from Jesus.

The Biblical Egypt button takes you to a book which tells how Egyptology confirms the biblical passages dealing with Egypt, and gives you some necessary background to fully understand the Old Testament.

Turbo Charge Your Church gives you practical suggestions about how to revive a dying church. It is based on the premise that the Holy Spirit will not empower a church to teach heresy. Therefore, if you want the Holy Spirit to come into your church, heresy has to go out of your church.


Vestiges of Roman Mythology is a 5-minute video exposť of doctrinal errors which are crippling many of todayís churches.

Evolution for Intellectuals is a 2-minute lighthearted look at the theory of evolution, pointing out just how silly the theory is. It was produced by Science Against Evolution, whose homepage can be accessed by a button in the External Resources section.


The Word With Us gave amateur musicians the opportunity to praise God musically. Tapping this button takes you to recordings of church choirs, children, musical groups, and soloists who appeared on broadcasts of The Word With Us.

This row also includes buttons which will take you to YouTube playlists of Christian music videos and a video album of Christmas music. Some of the songs are original songs not available anywhere else.

External Resources

The Science Against Evolution button takes you to a website containing more than 700 articles disproving the theory of evolution.

The Biblical Archaeology and Anthropology Museum (BAAM) is physically closed nowóbut it remains open virtually.

The Bible Gateway button takes you to an on-line Bible website where you can read the Bible in many languages and many translations.

The Bible Hub button takes you to a website which contains an electronic version of Strongís Concordance, as well as on-line Bibles and other study aids.

Ellen White was inspired by God during the 19th Century religious revival to write prolifically about the relevance of the Bible to daily life. Her writings are just as relevant today as they were then (if not more so). Her many books can be purchased in hard cover or paperbackóbut you can read all of them for free, or listen to someone read many of them, by tapping on the Ellen White buttons.

There are two buttons which take you to biblical timelines to help you relate biblical events to each other, or to secular history. One is graphical. The other is a textual chronological list of events.

Amazing Facts produces several programs routinely broadcast on Radio 74. The Amazing Facts button takes you to their website, which is full of useful information.

The Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis are two of the oldest, biggest, and most-respected creation science organizations, which is why their programs can be heard on KRSF.

About KRSF and Radio 74 Internationale

The bottom section of our homepage contains buttons telling you about us. You can learn about radio station KRSF; the Radio Seventy-Four (RSF) network; and KPLS, Radio 74ís Positive LifeStyle high-power AM station in Denver, Colorado.

Last (but certainly not least!) you can find information on how to support Radio 74 Internationale. You can mail a check to the address given, call and give credit card information over the phone, or tap the button to make a contribution through PayPal.