The Teachings of Jesus

Jesus taught many things that aren't taught in Christian churches today, and didn't teach many things Christian churches do teach.

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Here's what Jesus shed His blood to teach you:

Jesus' Syllabus

Presumably, Jesus said the most about the topics He thought were the most important. He didnít speak English, and the gospel writers didnít record every word He said; so, calculating the percentage of the 40,583 red words in an English red-letter Bible devoted to each topic is just an estimate of importance.

Since 7.3% (dark blue) of Jesusí words were devoted to His claims of divinity, 5.5% (orange) were spent explaining scriptures, 7.5% (gray) were prophecies which have come true, and 3.3% (yellow) were said while performing miracles, a total of 23.7% of everything He said had to do with the fact that Jesus is God.

21.3% (light blue) consisted of clear teachings about the Kingdom of God, and another 9.8% (green) of the time He used parables to explain the Kingdom of God, so 31.1% of what He said had to do with the Kingdom of God, one way or another.

Jesus talked about salvation 8.0% (purple) of the time.

Since 9.3% (rust) of the time He talked about conversion, and 19.1% (dark gray) gave directions for what one must do, 28.4% dealt with Christian living.

Finally, (brown) 8.7% of His words emphasized the rewards in this life, and the next, of being a Christian.

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