Turbo Charge Your Church by R. David Pogge


Immediately following Jesus’ resurrection, Christianity spread rapidly. Thousands were converted in a single day. The Holy Spirit gave ordinary people the ability to do extraordinary things.

Today, in America, the Christian church is feeble, barely surviving. Why does it have so much less power than it had 2000 years ago? The reason is the church is trying to exist on man’s power—not God’s power. Over the centuries, mainline Christianity has replaced God’s ideas with man’s ideas. Human wisdom always falls far short of divine wisdom.

If we want the church to have the power it had 2000 years ago, we have to go back to the principles and doctrines that it had 2000 years ago. Revival depends upon reformation. Unfortunately, some secular and pagan ideas have been a central part of mainline Christianity for so long that they are mistaken for orthodox views.

This book traces the history of how Greek mythology and anti-Semitism became established in the Roman Catholic Church. Then Protestant over-reaction to Catholic errors created a false Gospel. Finally, secular enlightenment replaced what little was left of Jesus’ teachings in modern Christianity.

After pointing out the most common ways in which Protestant churches have strayed from pure Christianity, the last chapter will give you positive, practical advice about what to do if your church has fallen victim to these common deceptions.

In Chapter 1 you will discover that the medieval Catholic Church replaced the Biblical truth about what happens at death with the Greek myth about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. The Church did this to sell indulgences to ignorant parishioners, and permit parishioners to worship dead saints.

Chapter 2 reveals how anti-Semitism caused the medieval Catholic Church to replace Sabbath with Sunday and Passover with Easter.

Martin Luther’s understandable reaction against papal abuse of power went too far, as we will see in Chapter 3.

Ever since the Age of Reason, well-meaning, pious individuals have been trying to “improve” Christianity by making it more “enlightened,” as shown in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5, the final chapter of this book, presents the pure, everlasting Gospel, with emphasis on how important it is for our time, the final days before Jesus returns. It will help you and your church to reform and be ready for The Great Day of the Lord.

It is my prayer that after you realize what has become of Christianity today, you will have the courage to initiate reforms in your congregation, and experience the power of the Holy Spirit working in your church.

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