Godís Mysterious Ways

R. David Pogge

5 May 2021

God can use one person to start a chain of miraculous events.

People sometimes ask me why I believe in God. The easy answers are ďprophecyĒ and ďcreation.Ē When examined logically, fulfillment of prophecy, and the wonders of life, prove that God must exist. It is harder to explain the emotional certainty of experiencing Godís personal influence in oneís own life; but Iíll try.

Often you will hear someone talk about a teacher who had a great influence on his or her life. For me, it wasnít a teacher. It was another student. I used to say that everything good in my life, except my job and my dog, could be traced back to Margaret. Now Iím retired and my dog is dead, so everything good that still remains in my life can be traced back to her.

Latin was the first period class on my first day of ninth grade at my new school, University High School. It was love at first sight. Margaret was a real-life version of Annette Funicello. I knew I had to marry her. I spent every day until we graduated trying to get her to love me, without any success at all.

Because Margaret loved the Beatles, I learned to play the guitar. It didnít get her to love meóbut it did get me the guitar teacher job at Dietze Music House, where the organ teacher (who had graduated from a different high school) also worked. If not for Margaret, I would never have met the woman I have been happily married to for 52 years. As Garth Brooks sings, God sometimes blesses us through Unanswered Prayers. I wanted to marry Margaret, but God blessed me instead through Susie and the children we had together. Everything good that has happened to me because of Susie would not have happened if I had not met her learning to play the guitar for Margaret.

Because Susie was a church organist, I went to church and eventually became a Christian. That led me to becoming a Christian broadcaster. 150 episodes of Sunday Morning Worship at Grace on KZIQ led to 250 episodes of The Word With Us on that same station. That experience resulted in me becoming the manager of KRSF Christian Radio, the American flagship station of Radio Seventy-Four Internationale. During the past ten years, The Word With Us aired more than 4,000 times on KRSF. I donít know if anybody listened to any of those thousands of radio programs, but I like to think that God used at least one of my programs to reach at least one person, not to mention all the other programs produced by other Christians we have broadcast on KRSF over the past ten years.

To keep up with technology, KRSF Christian Radio has become the phone-friendly on-line KRSF Christian Resource Center,1 which not only streams Radio 74 Internationale programs all over the world, it contains links to audio archives and transcripts of the last 96 episodes of The Word With Us. 2 (The Word With Us is no longer in production, partly because the man who read the Bible passages for me died on April 23, 2021. It would not be the same without Everetís voice.)

The KRSF Christian Resource Center also contains links to the Science Against Evolution website,3 which I started 25 years ago and update every month. It now has more than 700 articles which explain why the theory of evolution is unscientific. Creation is the only logical explanation for the origin and diversity of life on Earth, which (along with fulfilled prophecy and personal experience) is what convinced me that God is real, and active in my life.

Margaret led me to Susie, who led me to church, where I met Pastor John Aiken, with whom I opened the Biblical Archeology and Anthropology Museum (BAAM) in Ridgecrest in 2005. BAAM closed in 2010 when Pastor Aiken moved from Ridgecrest and took his artifacts with himóbut the museum still exists virtually 4 on the KRSF Christian Resource Center website.

If I hadnít learned the guitar in a futile attempt to win Margaretís affection, I would not have become a musician and posted dozens of music videos on the Death Valley Dave YouTube channel.5 Some of those videos are funny, and some are inspirational. I like to think that God has used them to bring joy and comfort into some lives.

God has kept me alive past my expiration date, which has inspired this reflection over my life. Looking back, I am so incredibly grateful for all the blessings God has given me, and continues to give me. I lost contact with Margaret years ago, so she doesnít know how God used her to bless me. I just pray God has blessed her as much as He blessed me through her.


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