KRSF Christmas Concert

There are so many beautiful Christmas songs that we donít get too many opportunities to play because they are seasonal. So, this week we are going to devote the entire program to Christmas songs performed by local musicians. We will begin with Hud deFluiter playing "Gesu Bambino" on her flute, accompanied by JoAn Witzel on the piano.

The Christmas story is more than a story. "More than a Story"

Christmas is the time to celebrate the "Birthday of a King" with Steve Fleischer and JoAn Witzel.

Yes, He is born. So let's listen to Sue and JoAn play "He is Born, the Divine Christ Child"

It would not be Christmas without hearing someone sing "O Holy Night." This year Becky Richardson will do the honors.

"Silent Night" is another Christmas song that is played every year, many times, many ways. Now itís my turn to improvise on that classic melody a little bit.

Every year the Ridgecrest United Methodist Church Choir, directed by Janice Anderson, presents a Christmas concert. One of the songs in their 2010 concert was "A Christmas Proclamation."

When we need someone to accompany a singer, we usually call on Susan Pogge or JoAn Witzel. Here they are together accompanying each other on this special arrangement of "Angels We Have Heard on High."

Now here is Mike Miller to sing "Mary, Did You Know?"

What Mary knew is open to question. There is no question what King Herod didn't know. "What the King Didn't Know"

It is a rare treat to listen to a hand bell choir, so we are going to treat you now with the Grace Lutheran Church Hand Bell Choir, directed by Jane Kuhlman, playing "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen", recorded live at their Figgy Pudding concert.

Now we will close our broadcast with a Christmas carol you have probably never heard before. I wrote this carol as the only traditional song in a contemporary musical play performed by the youth at Grace Lutheran Church in 1971. Forty years later I still play "In the Town of Bethlehem" from that musical.

In the Town of Bethlehem (12, 12, 12, 11)
Copyright 1971, R. David Pogge

In the town of Bethlehem a babe is crying.
Born to men the Son of God, the King of all Kings.
But of all the gifts that wise men bring unto Him
None can be compared unto the gift He brings.

In the sky the angels sang of the Messiah.
Shepherds heard the message and gave glory to God.
They hurried down to Bethlehem as fast as they could
And there the shepherds found the Lamb of God.

Feel the awe and power of this gentle baby.
Kings and angels both alike before Him bow down.
Never has there been a greater blessing to us
Than the babe who wears a halo for a crown.