Saturday Programs
Midnight   Night Sounds - Bill Pearce
12:35 AM   Word of God (Bible readings)
12:45 AM   Songs of Praise
1:00 AMMidnight  ABCs of Prayer
1:30 AM12:30 AM  Songs of Praise
2:00 AM1:00 AMMidnight  Amazing Facts Everlasting Gospel
3:00 AM2:00 AM1:00 AMMidnightSongs of Praise
3:35 AM2:35 AM1:35 AM12:35 AMWord of God (Bible readings)
3:45 AM2:45 AM1:45 AM12:45 AMSongs of Praise
4:00 AM3:00 AM2:00 AM1:00 AM Science, Scripture, and Salvation - Institute for Creation Research
4:15 AM3:15 AM2:15 AM1:15 AM Songs of Praise
5:00 AM4:00 AM3:00 AM2:00 AM Breath of Life
5:30 AM4:30 AM3:30 AM2:30 AM Songs of Praise
6:35 AM5:35 AM4:35 AM3:35 AM Word of God (Bible readings)
6:45 AM5:45 AM4:45 AM3:45 AM Songs of Praise
7:00 AM6:00 AM5:00 AM4:00 AM Amazing Discoveries - Dr. Walter Veith
8:30 AM7:30 AM6:30 AM5:30 AMSongs of Praise
9:00 AM8:00 AM7:00 AM6:00 AM The Heavens Declare - Jim Burr
9:15AM8:15 AM7:15 AM6:15 AM Songs of Praise
9:35 AM8:35 AM7:35 AM6:35 AMWord of God (Bible readings)
9:45 AM8:45 AM7:45 AM6:45 AMSongs of Praise
10:00 AM9:00 AM8:00 AM7:00 AM Sabbath School Study Hour
11:00 AM10:00 AM9:00 AM8:00 AM Divine Worship
Noon11:00 AM10:00 AM9:00 AM White Horse Media
12:35 PM11:35 AM10:35 AM9:35 AMWord of God (Bible readings)
12:45 PM11:45 AM10:45 AM9:45 AMSongs of Praise
1:00 PMNoon11:00 AM10:00 AM Heartwise - Dr. James Marcum
1:30 PM12:30 PM11:30 AM10:30 AM Songs of Praise
2:00 PM1:00 PMNoon11:00 AM Amazing Facts Everlasting Gospel
3:00 PM2:00 PM1:00 PMNoon Pictures of the End - Tim Rumsey
3:30 PM2:30 PM1:30 PM12:30 PMSongs of Praise
3:35 PM2:35 PM1:35 PM12:35 PMWord of God (Bible readings)
3:45 PM2:45 PM1:45 PM12:45 PMSongs of Praise
4:00 PM3:00 PM2:00 PM1:00 PM It Is Written
4:30 PM3:30 PM2:30 PM1:30 PM Songs of Praise
6:00 PM5:00 PM4:00 PM3:00 PM ABCs of Prayer
6:30 PM5:30 PM4:30 PM3:30 PM Songs of Praise
6:35 PM5:35 PM4:35 PM3:35 PM Word of God (Bible readings)
7:00 PM6:00 PM5:00 PM4:00 PM Your Story Hour
7:30 PM6:30 PM5:30 PM4:30 PM The Bible in Living Sound
7:45 PM6:45 PM5:45 PM4:45 PM Songs of Praise
9:35 PM8:35 PM7:35 PM6:35 PM Word of God (Bible readings)
9:45 PM8:45 PM7:45 PM6:45 PM Songs of Praise
10:00 PM9:00 PM8:00 PM7:00 PM Amazing Facts Everlasting Gospel
11:00 PM10:00 PM9:00 PM8:00 PM White Horse Media
11:15 PM10:15 PM9:15 PM8:15 PM Songs of Praise
 11:35 PM10:35 PM9:35 PMWord of God (Bible readings)
  11:00 PM10:00 PM Songs of Praise
   11:00 PM Amazing Facts Everlasting Gospel