Biblical Egypt by R. David Pogge


Section I.1 - God and Egypt

Everybody knows about the special relationship between God and the Jews. What many people donít know much about is the special relationship between God and the Egyptians, despite the fact that this relationship was hidden in plain sight.

The Bible tells of Josephís slavery and subsequent rise to power in Egypt, the Exodus, and the baby Jesus being taken to Egyptóbut there is so much more! I really believe that when you read this book you will be amazed to discover how often God used Egypt to advance His plan of salvation.

Many people study the Bible. Many people study Egyptology. If those people donít study both, they are getting only half the story. Egypt and the Bible are so closely connected that you really canít fully understand one without understanding the other.

Section I.2 - Too Much Information

Iíve tried to avoid the danger of giving you too much information. Look at the first nine chapters of First Chronicles. Donít read them. Just look at them. These nine chapters contain nothing but long lists of people whose names you canít pronounce and donít care about. But hidden in this huge pile of chaff are a few kernels of wheat. Iíve blown away all the chaff, and kept what you will find tasty and nourishing.

Thatís why this book is intentionally incomplete. It doesnít bore you with an overwhelming pile of unimportant details. It builds the important bridges between Biblical history and Egyptian history at those places where connections need to be made. They say, ďLess is more.Ē Iíve tried to give you more wheat by giving you less chaff.

Section I.3 - A Trinity of Goals

Iíve tried to make this book informative, interesting, and inspirational. The more you learn about Egypt and the Bible, the more interesting both become. The more interested you are in Egypt and the Bible, the more information you will want about both. The more you know about Egypt and the Bible, the more inspirational they both become.

This selective history tells you what you need to know to make Biblical history and Egyptian history interesting and relevant to your life. It addresses questions that sometimes come up when the Bible makes an obscure reference to Egypt.

Egyptian history confirms so much of what is mentioned in the Bible, it should make the Bible more credible to doubters. For believers (Christians and Jews) it should give them a deeper understanding of their faiths. The God of Abraham is revealed primarily in the Bibleóbut that should not prevent us from learning more about Him from Egyptian records.

This book is unapologetically apologetic! I donít apologize for presenting an apology [a scholarly defense] of the Bible. I accept the Bible as the Word of God, and Egyptian history confirms my faith.

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