A Christian Guide to Acts by R. David Pogge

Appendix A


Section A.1 - Sermons

The Sermons in the Book of Acts
Speaker Audience Verses
Peter Jews at Pentecost Acts 2:14-41
Peter People who saw the beggar healed Acts 3:12-26
Peter Annas, the high priest, and others of the high priestís family Acts 4:8-12
Peter and other apostles Sanhedrin Acts 5:27-32
Stephen Paul and people who were about to stone him Acts 7:2-60
Peter Simon the Sorcerer Acts 8:20-25
Philip An Ethiopian eunuch Acts 8:30-40
Paul Disciples in Damascus Acts 9:20-22
Peter Corneliusís House Acts 10:27-48
Paul and Barnabas Fellow Israelites and Gentiles who worship God Acts 13:14-44
Paul and Barnabas Pagans in Lystra Acts 14:15-17
Paul and Barnabas Lystra, Iconium and Antioch Acts 14:21-22
Peter Church leaders in Jerusalem Acts 15:7-11
Paul and Barnabas Church leaders in Jerusalem Acts 15:12
James Church leaders in Jerusalem Acts 15:13-21
Paul and Silas Jailer and His Family Acts 16:31-34
Paul Thessalonica Acts 17:2-4
Paul Athens Acts 17:16-34
Paul Corinth Acts 18:1-8
Apollos Ephesus Acts 18:22-28
Paul Ephesus Acts 19:1-10
Paul Eutychus at Troas Acts 20:7-12
Paul Ephesian Elders Acts 20:17-35
Paul Jerusalem Acts 22:1-21
Paul Sanhedrin Acts 23:1-10
Paul Felix Acts 24:10-27
Paul Felix Acts 25:8-11
Paul Agrippa Acts 26:2-29
Paul On the Ship Acts 27:21-26
Paul On the Ship Acts 27:33-38
Paul Jewish Leaders in Rome Acts 28:17-31

Section A.2 - Doctrines

Comparison of Christian Doctrines
(then and now)
Doctrine Apostolic Modern
Old Testament Basis for Christianity Replaced by New Testament
Literally true Not literally true
Prophecies prove Jesus is the Messiah Prophecies can't be understood
Jesus Is the Son of God, one with the Father
Died for our sins
Was the Passover Lamb Rose on Easter Sunday
Taught everyone to obey Taught everyone to love
Salvation Determined by Jesus Chosen by Christians
Based on obedience Based on profession
Sin Not forgiven without confession and repentance Covered by grace
Death Based on the Bible Based on Roman Mythology
Dead are asleep Dead are awake
Dead can't help the living Dead can communicate and help the living
Resurrection Happens in the future Happens at death
Righteous and wicked resurrected in two groups Every individual resurrected individually
Is visible Is invisible
Righteous spend 1,000 years in Heaven, then eternity on Earth Righteous live forever in Heaven
Wicked die the Second Death Wicked tortured forever in Hell
Gospel Fear God God is love
God's foolishness Conventional wisdom
Creation Happened in six days Took millions of years
Dietary Restrictions Apply to everyone Apply to Jews only
Still in effect Abolished at the cross
Ten Commandments Still binding Replaced by "Greatest Commandment" (love)
Law of Moses Nailed to the cross
Sabbath Sundown Friday to sundown Saturday Sunday
Restrictions apply Optionally observed
Jewish Ceremonies Are still inspirational Should not be observed
Are not necessary for salvation

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